Roots of our company comes from Konkassan " Konya Kasnak Sanayi" which was the first and the leader of casting sector, established at 2011 in Konya Organized Industry Zone with 3,800 square meters of closed area on 14,000 square meters area.We have been involved at iron,nodular ( ductile) iron and steel casting. Serving our customers ,capacity range of 500kgs between 5,000 kgs with our induction melting furnaces. After casting process is done ,we perfrom mandatory tests on our products with high-tech spectrometer and hardness tester machines carefully for quality and customer satisfaction.As a result of aiming on modernization and development, we obtained ISO 9001:2008 for raising our production procedures and process to international approved standarts. Making ,customer satisfaction and sustainable quality on every level, as fundamental principles of Ömeroğlu Metalurji, carries us to chase every innovations.

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